Our Vision.


To bring real solutions to our customers through professional services so you can focus on your daily lives knowing Marjac is “Always on the Watch”!

Marjac Security was founded in September of 1996 by Mr. Mark C. Smith and his wife Jacqueline based on a simple premise – provide expert services at a very competitive price.  Together they have over forty years of delivering expert Security Services, Private Investigations, Due Diligence, Protective Service Operations and Threat Analysis.


Mr. Smith alone has assisted in protecting six of the last seven presidents, Cabinet Members, numerous Military and Foreign Dignitaries along with Senior Managers of major corporations.


Along with Marjac Security, we created Marjac Associates, a division of Marjac Security to help our clients with investigative services such as due diligence, employee background checks, and discreet inquiries.


His philosophy is simple:  to provide great service at a great price, stay local, and stay discreet.  We are big enough to handle the tough and big jobs but still a small enough company where our clients have immediate access to our senior leadership.


Our success is self-evident and as a result of many requests from our customer base, we created Marjac Professional Services in 2002 to provide the same professional services to the cleaning industry.


Our motto, “Always on the Watch” means that as one of clients you can rest assured we take your safety to your customers, staff, and assets seriously.  You can rest at night knowing we are “Always on the Watch”!!!!

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